Sustaining Society; who is hiring?

The global response to coronavirus has had significant socio-economic ramifications. Whilst the UK government has pledged considerable sums towards supporting employment and boosting out-of-work benefits, it remains the case that thousands of employees have been made redundant or put on currently unpaid leave in the airline, tourism, retail, hospitality, education, and entertainment industries. This is leaving many people in difficult situations. Here at Change Agents UK, our focus has always been on employment in the sustainability sector, but in these trying times we recognise that sustainability is a broad concept. Alongside maintaining health and wellbeing, people whose livelihoods have

Is there really a Climate Emergency silver lining to the Coronavirus Pandemic?

The response to the spread of COVID-19 has made strides towards reducing global climate emissions, or so it would seem. Carbon dioxide emissions from China declined by 25% in February compared to a similar time last year, due to the drastic reduction in industrial processing and output (1). Vast improvements in air quality have also been measured in Hubei province (2). This trend can also be seen in the Italy’s industrial north and in other polluted cities, where both traffic and industrial activity is temporarily halted (2,3). Even in countries not (yet) in lock-down, offices have closed and home working is being encouraged or enforced, to reduce unnecessary social contact. Currently, trans

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