Isabel Cook

Projects Officer

I have spent several years in education and academia on the subject of sustainability and the environment (MSc Climate Change and Environmental Policy at University of Leeds; PhD in the sustainable management of historic landscapes under climate change scenarios at University of Sheffield). During this time, I had the opportunity to undertake several research projects into ideas of sustainability, conservation, climate change, and heritage. It really opened my eyes to the disconnect that often occurs between academia, industry, and the public sector. Working with Change Agents UK allows me the opportunity to start making links between different stakeholders, sectors and organisations through my research.

As Project Officer for Change Agents UK, I am involved in research into sustainability skills and knowledge fostered by universities, held by graduates, and desired by employers. Deepening our understanding into potential skills gaps will help us inform universities and graduates of the steps they can take to improve their employability, and make the transition into working life more comfortable and seamless. For employers, this research will be informative in terms of the expectations they set of new graduates, and identifying additional training needs for their employees.  

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