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News: Postcode Local Trust for Sustainable Futures

We are delighted to hear we have been awarded funding for our Sustainable Futures Workshop Programme for 16-24 year olds by Postcode Local Trust, a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

This will enable us to deliver our Sustainable Futures workshop programme to hundreds of young people from all backgrounds throughout 2021, supporting them to understand much more about sustainability, developing skills for the future and building the confidence and resilience to begin their working lives as agents of really positive change.

We have already successfully piloted this with a cohort of 18 young leaders, so this funding will enable us to develop and deliver it with a further 13 groups across a wide range of UK education and youth organisations. The programme is designed to equip young people with a sound understanding of the principles of sustainability, to understand what skills are now needed in our society, workplaces and economy (and how these can be developed) and to build confidence/workplace preparedness for embarking on a positive impact career. We’ve been helping young people to begin careers in sustainability-related roles for nearly 25 years, running graduate schemes, sustainability projects and training, and through this programme we are distilling all we have learnt over the years, alongside gathering valuable insights from those working right across the sustainability agenda. Setting this course in the context of the climate emergency where we believe sustainability and environmental protection need to be a part of everyone’s role, we hope to help support young people to navigate a meaningful career that will put them at the heart of creating the environmental and social changes that are so vitally needed.

We are keen to deliver this funded programme to young people across educational and youth organisations who share our values and would not otherwise be able to access this type of workshop without the funded support.

Get in touch to find out more about this and our other flexible and tailored training offerings for young people and those at the start of their careers.

You can find out more about the Postcode Local Trust at and the People Postcode Lottery at


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