Hope In A Pandemic – the making of a wellbeing economy

January 2021: we begin the new year with a re-entry into national lockdown owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although it may feel like we are ‘back where we started’ last March, the past 10 months tell a different story. There has been a huge amount of change, spread right across the spectrum from extremely positive to extremely challenging. Looking at this through the lens of transitions to new economies, however, we find cause for hope.

The word ‘economy’ literally means ‘management of the home’. How well are we managing our activities in our home, the Earth? Could we do better? In this article, we’ll briefly explore the relationship between economics and sustainability, and how we have been inadvertently crafting new systems based on wellbeing during the pandemic.

“Agenda 2030 and conventional growth incompatible!” (1)