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Looking for structured, future-focused skills development training?

We work with graduate and youth employers and individuals to to deliver bespoke career and professional development solutions. 

​If you are a forward-looking employer of graduates or young people and are keen to ensure your teams have access to high-quality and excellent-value skills training, talk to us. For over 25 years, we have been supporting and empowering the next generation to have the skills and knowledge needed for the future - we have supported hundreds of organisations and young people on this journey. It is more now more crucial than ever as we address the challenging targets for net zero and sustainable development.
Through our interactive skills workshops, reflective learning journal and remote Learning Academy, we offer a comprehensive skills development programme to suit entry and graduate level positions in your organisation. 


Our workshops are interactive, blending traditional teaching with facilitated discussion, promoting the sharing of knowledge and best practice. 

Each workshop lasts a maximum of 2 hours and run on a rotational two-monthly basis, giving plenty of flexibility for learners and their employers. Learners are able to schedule attendance onto each of workshop sessions via the members' portal on our website and manage their bookings directly, allowing them to attend the workshops at their own convenience over a 12 month period. We can also support employers with bespoke programmes to deliver to their graduate or youth cohorts of 10 or more.

Our current programme

Time Management, Prioritisation, Managing Energy Levels and Communication are some of the fundamental skills that we use on a daily basis. In this workshop we blend teaching of effective techniques with promotion of peer led discussion and the sharing of knowledge and best practice. This also gives each participant the opportunity to practice their communication skills in a supportive environment and build their confidence.

In the very near future, sustainability is going to be part of every job role, so having good awareness and understanding of how you can benefit climate, nature and social goals in your industry is essential.

This workshop will explore the following questions:-

- What sustainability problems are we currently facing and what are the solutions available to us?
- How can you personally deliver and support sustainability and the SDGs in your chosen sector/industry?
- What skills do you need for the 21st century workplace?

We all manage projects of some description in our personal and professional lives; but how may of us see ourselves as a Project Manager? How confident are we in developing and managing projects?

In this workshop we introduce the principles of Project Management and a simple four stage framework. Delivering projects is so much easier with some simple tools and methods. Participants will gain confidence as a Project Manager and the tools and techniques that can be applied to their workplace projects.

To build a regenerative future, where people and the rest of nature can thrive together, we need to think outside the box.

In this workshop, we’ll have fun developing and practising key skills for sustainability such as systems thinking, creativity and collaborative problem-solving.

CAUK Academy Access

The Change Agents Academy is an online platform of self-led training activities and support notes designed for people at the start of their careers. It is designed to facilitate the development of the skills, knowledge and experience needed to create positive careers. Learners can progress at their own pace through the interactive courses, learning notes and networking forums.

There is a growing number of courses, such as Assertive Communication and Bid Writing which will provide you with the materials you need to progress within your particular topic, as well as opportunities to share your skills and knowledge with other Change Agents.

Learner Log

The Learner Log is a guidebook and reflective journal for personal and professional development, to keep a record of skills, experiences, goals and achievements.


Reflection is a useful and mindful exercise and involves thinking deeply about something that happened. Reflection allows someone to make sense of events, this understanding of thoughts, feelings and actions is important because it allows them to take the most learning from their experiences. 


The Log is split into sections that can be completed in any order, at a speed to suit the individual and fit around their role. Each section has optional questions and activities. It also acts as a scrap book, so any pieces of evidence relating to personal or professional development can be inserted.

This documentation of skills development can act as a powerful tool to build confidence and effectiveness in the workplace.

“When it came to helping our students to understand how to prepare themselves for a career in sustainability, Megan from Change Agents’ presentation was awe-inspiring.   Not only did she provide a lot of factual information, she delivered it in an interactive and engaging way, which made it easy to absorb. The structure was clear, motivational and effective. They had obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into the content of the presentation, and because of this our students have taken away a very key message - ‘sustainability starts where you are'.”