Green Apples


Our Vision

A secure, resilient, zero-carbon and fair future for all.

Our Mission

Raise public awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals and the climate emergency. Support and empower the next generation to have the skills and knowledge needed for the future. Build networks that engage individuals and organisations in working towards a zero-carbon future.

Change Agents UK is a charity and not-for-profit organisation. Established in 1996, initially as Studentforce for Sustainability, our charitable purpose is to promote public awareness and understanding of the principles of sustainability – and how to put them into practice in life and work. We work to achieve this through research, providing learning opportunities and education, supporting the delivery of sustainability projects and through our Grants for Good programme that supports micro-initiatives in higher education and in communities.

We have worked on a diverse range of projects over the last 25 years. We have tackled many aspects of delivering sustainability, from running energy efficiency programmes with local authorities to behaviour change and engagement programmes with universities and hospitals. 

We support young people wishing to use their careers to make a positive difference. Our Sustainable Futures workshop programme is designed to equip young people with a sound understanding of the principles of sustainability, to understand what skills are now needed in our society, workplaces and economy (and how these can be developed) and to build confidence/workplace preparedness. We also work with our partners to support paid work placement opportunities in sustainability through our wholly owned non-profit subsidiary, Change Agents UK Trading Ltd.

We are outward-looking and always keen to form partnerships with other organisations who share our aims and vision. Get in touch and see how we can help.

Our Strategy

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Youth Friendly Employer
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Living Wage
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