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Taking Notes


A long haired man in a black shirt using a laptop and a lady writing in a notebook during a sustainability leadership skills workshop from Change Agents

Sustainability Leadership Skills

10 module training programme focusing on the key skills needed to become the future leaders in sustainability.

A wind turbine in a beautiful valley as the sun sets this represents the powerful and green future we can have if enough people work towards a Sustainable future

Sustainable Futures for Students

Creating knowledge, developing skills and understanding sustainable systems. These workshops are tailored to your specific needs.

White dice with letters on them spelling out the word STUDY this photo represents the Green Careers workshops run by Change Agents

Green Careers & The Future of Work

Fully interactive half and full day workshops for staff in schools, colleges or universities. 

Sustainable Degrees Photo by Artem Podrez

Sustainability & Net Zero for HR

Helping HR professionals (and others who nurture organisational development) to understand the significant role they can play in achieving organisational sustainability goals.

A footprint made out of diverse foliage to represent the Change Agents UK Carbon Literacy Courses

Carbon Literacy Training

A fully accredited two-part course. Start to build your carbon confidence and become a Change Agent.

Planet Earth by pexels pixabay 355935.jpg

Climate Essentials

What is sustainability and what are the SDGs? What does Net Zero mean? How can we address these challenges together and take effective action? Join our interactive 'crash course' workshop to find out!

Climate Fresk Cards

Climate Fresk

Do you want to understand how climate change is actually happening, and strengthen your team through an interactive, engaging workshop? Would you like to start creating solutions to create impact in your organisation? Then join us for Climate Fresk.​

Biodiversity Collage.jpg

Biodiversity Collage

What is biodiversity? What does biodiversity offer us as humans? What are current threats to biodiversity? Find out answers to these questions and more in this interactive, engaging workshop!

man riding bike with backpack

"Change Agents UK delivered a workshop for our department which included colleagues from a diverse range of roles and backgrounds.  It was a very enjoyable and informative session that helped to not only develop awareness and knowledge amongst the team of the key issues but also to explore how we can start to embed sustainability into our working practises."  


Martyn Edwards - Director of Marketing & Advancement, Loughborough University

Sustainability Workshops and Programmes


We deliver development programmes on sustainability careers, employability and essential professional skills in sustainability.
We work with FE & HE institutions, corporate entities, youth organisations and individuals to deliver skills for the future
, bespoke career workshops and professional development solutions. Our highly popular Sustainability Leadership Skills programme is the go to training for early career sustainability professionals looking to increase their broader sustainability knowledge and develop the all important leadership skills needed to excel in a future thinking organisation.

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