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Developing Community Energy in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire

We are working in partnership with Derbyshire Community Energy Partnership Hub to realise our ambition to create a regional umbrella organisation that supports the creation, growth and innovation of local Community Energy (CE) groups across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

Close up image of the top of a wind turbine in the setting sun with another wind turbine t

Community energy – whereby people come together in their community to tackle fuel poverty, develop clean energy solutions that are community owned and support sustainable transport– can be a vital platform for enabling climate action by stimulating both social and environmental engagement and change.  By improving energy efficiency and generating renewable energy, CE combats climate change and helps councils and other organisations reach their Net Zero ambitions.

We are currently seeking funding for the project which aims to expand beyond the typical reach of the CE sector to engage with and include people and communities who are currently underrepresented.

The project will build on the success of the nationally award-winning Derbyshire Community Energy Ltd Partnership Hub (DCEPH) which, since its creation in October 2022, has supported 17 Community Energy groups across Derbyshire.

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