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25 Years of Sustainability 

What has happened in the last 25 years?

Change Agents UK was founded in 1996 and a lot has changed in the world since then. This timeline plans to document some of the big and small events that have impacted the world of sustainability in the last 25 years.


This is a working project, if you think there is anything ‘sustainability’ that we should include on our timeline, pop us a message, we’d be delighted to hear from you!

1997 - 2021

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Founding of Change Agents UK



Baywind energy co-operative founded in Cumbria​

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Kyoto Protocol & Sustainable Development conference​

Sustrans: began work designing livable neighborhoods for walkers/cyclists​

  • Millennium Summit & Millennium Development Goals​

  • First offshore windfarm, Northumberland coast

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  • Local currency Eko launched in Moray, Scotland - still active​

  • Igloo Regeneration launched​

  • Johannesburg’s Conference on Sustainable Development ​

  • Global Reporting Initiative

Igloo Regeneration - supporting the UN goals through six dimensions, circular, climate, community, place, wellbeing, and nature and developing services to communities to empower locally led development.


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  • The Campaign Against Climate Change march​

  • New York Summit on Sustainable Development

  • Kyoto becomes international law​

  • Fairtrade began

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  • First zero waste shop opened in London​

  • The first Tranistion Town, Totnes, England.​

  • Certified B Corps was created 

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  • Climate Change Act ​

  • Boeing converts 2-seater plane to run on hydrogen fuel cell​

  • Client Earth: UK now does environmental assessment before approving coal plants

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  • UK becomes global leader in offshore windpower​

  • Johan Rockstrom's paper introducing 'Planetary Boundaries' published​

  • Beavers reintroduced in Scotland​

  • Worn Again Technologies and Pavegen launched

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  • UK Feed-in tariff introduced​

  • Airbus create their first fully electric aircraft​

  • Over 400  UK communities registered as official Transition Towns​

  • The Equality Act 2010

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  • Soil Association: Not in my Banger campaign to stop a new pig mega-farm in Derbyshire ​

  • Real Living Wage launched

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  • Action Research for Sustainability (Reflections on Transition Management in Practice)

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  • Scottish government announces that beavers are to remain as protected species in Scotland​

  • Government introduced 'National Living Wage' for over 25 year olds 

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  • Landworkers’ Alliance: A place at the Table​

  • Finland tests Universal Basic Income​

  • GiveDirectly starts 12-year experiment in Nairobi, Kenya, for universal basic income​

  • Nature prescriptions started in Shetland 

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  • Greta's first Fridays For Future school strike​

  • River Frome is considered for legal personhood​

  • Nature prescriptions successfully rolled out to 10 GP practices in Shetland

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  • Feed-in tariff application closed​

  • Morrisons the first supermarket to ban fruit and veg plastic packaging​

  • The Elusive Green Consumer paper published ​

  • UN Convention on Disability Rights

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  • 'Drastic on plastic', 61 festivals pledged to eliminate single use plastic in the UK​

  • Nature Recovery Network launched to restore nature in England​

  • £5.5m to research how nature can improve mental health 

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  • Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill ​

  • Landworkers’ Alliance: Vocal for Local​

  • Real Living Wage increases to £9.90 nationwide and £11.05 for London

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