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A group of graduates throwing their caps into the air after graduation the sustainability leadership skills programme


Our Sustainability Leadership Skills Programme has been designed to support and nurture careers in sustainability. We cover key skills that will help participants become change agents wherever they are in their learning or career journey.


Impact Areas

Sustainability skills modules



Hours of live Workshops

Do you want to support, develop and retain your team, whilst working towards your sustainability goals? Do you want to develop your leadership skills or begin your journey to Chartered Environmentalist?

Would you like to embed sustainability into your career?

Our Sustainability Leadership Skills Programme is for you. 
The sustainability leadership skills programme module wheel. Showing the 10 modules that students understake

The Sustainability Leadership Skills Programme consists of ten modules covering key workplace and sustainability skills and knowledge.

Our three key impact areas are:

1. Growth and development​​ 

Continuing professional development is vital to allow progression within your career. Desirable skills such as project management and reflective practice are covered here.   

2. Mindset for change 

The sustainability sector is constantly evolving. To be effective and thrive, we need to think with new perspectives and become part of the change. Explore systems thinking, resilience and creativity. 

3. Engagement and Impact

Communication and presentation skills are some of the most sought out competencies by employers. Boost your confidence and tailor your communication skills specifically towards sustainability.  

We encourage collaboration, self-reflection, and discussion to gain the most form the course. All our sessions are created to be interactive and we create safe spaces where everyone feels able to contribute. 


As well as joining live workshops, participants gain access to our online portal full of additional resources, individual activities, reflection and a discussion forum, so you can gain a fuller experience as part of longer-term development. 

Sustainability Leadership Skills Course Information

Our Sustainability Leadership Skills Programme is delivered online via Zoom, although we do deliver the course in person for organisations that wish to sign up a number of candidates. We recommend that you complete the programme roughly in order, however we understand that people's commitments, needs and learning objectives are different, so we do give you complete control over your booking and the order in which you complete the course. Participants usually complete the course over 3 months. 

Once you are registered on the Sustainability Leadership Skills Programme, you will receive membership and log-in details for our learning hub where you can view all course dates and book onto the online workshops. In the hub you'll also find other resources and materials to help you on your learning journey.

There are two routes to join:



CPD pathway for those funded by their place of work or study 

To join via this route, please email us at to discuss your requirements


Future Leaders pathway for self-funded individuals 


Growth and Development Modules

An illustration in chalk on a blackboard of a stick man climbing some stairs towards a lightbulb to represent career development

Career Development & Reflective Practice

  • Understand how to utilise professional relationships for career development

  • Identify and practise a range of reflective practices that can support your development 

  • Understand how to foster and utilise professional relationships 

Mindset for Change

A lightbulb with coloured flame illustrated inside it to represent creativity in sustainability

Creativity & Imagination

  • Recognise and value your own capacity for creativity  

  • Understand the critical role of creativity in sustainability problem solving  

  • Use imagination as a facilitator of visionary change 

Engagement and Impact Modules

An illustration of a man holding a wind turbine and a pot plant


  • Understanding the different ways organisations greenwashing

  • Recognise greenwashing in action and  how to avoid it

Optional Module

Sustainability and Climate Essentials

A two-hour introduction to the ‘why’ behind our programme. Explore sustainability, climate, intersectionality and carbon in our interactive ‘crash course’ before you begin.

Ready to start your sustainability leadership journey?


The programme is supported by the CIWM and course participants will become eligible for Associate membership on completion. During the programme, they will benefit from free student membership.

‘The Systems Thinking and Creativity sessions were run in person for my postgraduate students. The Change Agents team delivered a highly engaging and interactive workshop over 3 hours. The students thoroughly enjoyed the session (as did I). Not only were the students introduced to new ways of thinking but they also collaborated and bonded over creativity exercises which were built into the session. I will be inviting Change Agents back! Thank you!’

Georgina Gough - UWE

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