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Oakham Community Fridge

Change Agents are the proud hosts of the Oakham Community Fridge. The Community Fridge is part of the national community fridge network and collects surplus food from local supermarkets, pubs, cafes, and other retailers. It's food would normally go to waste, but instead, it's made available to anyone who wants it through the Oakham Community Fridge. The food is free, but donations are welcome to help support the project and keep it running.

Reducing Waste

Since its launch in October 2020, the Oakham Community Fridge has saved a whopping 11 tonnes of food from going to landfill! In just its first week alone at it's new home in our offices, the fridge prevented a weighty 79,720g worth of food from becoming waste. That's a lot of food that's been rescued and put to good use.

Residents of Oakham queing for the Oakham community fridge whic his hosted at the Change Agents UK office
The insidde of one of the Oakham Community fridges and initiative supported by Change Agents UK

Opening Times

The Oakham Community Fridge is located at the Oakham Railway Station building, and is open every Friday from 10am - 11:30am.


Everyone is welcome to come and take food from the fridge, regardless of their circumstances or background.

Get Involved

Hosted by Change Agents and run by Root and Branch Out the Community Fridge lives up to it's's is truly a community run project for everyone in Oakham and the surrounding area.


The Oakham Community Fridge is run entirely by volunteers, so if you're interested in getting involved, please get in touch. And don't forget to like the Rutland Community Fridges Facebook page, where you can find updates on what's in the fridges on the days they're open. By supporting the Oakham Community Fridge, you'll be helping to reduce food waste and support your local community in a meaningful way.

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