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Workshop Programme
Interactive workshops (which can be delivered via remote learning) focused on sustainability, skills for the future and employability

Are you looking to grow your understanding of workplace sustainability? Keen to understand the skills employers are looking for? Available on 7th, 14th and 21st July between 16:00 and 18:00?

As a supporter of Change Agents UK we would like to offer you the opportunity to take part in this exciting scheme. Interested in getting involved?

"I feel more confident that I can get the career I want in sustainability following this workshop - thank you Sustainable Futures Team!"

"I really enjoyed meeting other people who are passionate about sustainability, but with completely different backgrounds and skills to me. I found it really useful to consider the different roles available in sustainability and how varied roles within the field could align with my skills and interests. "

We know that thousands of young people, students and graduates across the UK are finding it hard to understand how best to gain experience or start a career in sustainability. We know young people find the journey from education to work can be challenging. We are here to help.


In 2019/20, we commenced work with our partners at the EAUC (Environmental Association of Universities & Colleges) on a research project examining “Skills for the Future” – this interrogated the challenging question of what skills and capabilities young people will need to succeed in the workplace in the new decade as we tackle Net Zero targets and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. We examined this through three lenses - the perspectives and experiences of university leaders, business and industry leaders and recent graduates. The findings from that research, along with our long experience in supporting and developing young people as they begin meaningful and useful careers, have informed the creation of this programme.


Our Sustainable Futures workshop programme is designed to equip young people with a sound understanding of the principles of sustainability, to understand what skills are now needed in our society, workplaces, and economy (and how these can be developed) and to build confidence/workplace preparedness. The Sustainable Futures workshops are designed to complement existing careers programmes and contribute towards the Gatsby benchmarks.

We’ve been helping young people to begin careers in sustainability-related roles for nearly 25 years, running graduate schemes, sustainability projects and training; we have distilled what we have learnt over the years into this course and set it in the context of the climate emergency where we believe sustainability & environmental protection needs to be a part of everyone’s role. 


The main aims of the Programme are to:

  • Build participants’ knowledge and awareness of sustainability, its meaning and importance, and how it relates to their future work or career. 

  • Enable participants to understand ‘Skills for the Future’, how to develop and demonstrate key skills and embrace an appetite for lifelong learning.

  • Support the journey from education into work: boost employability, confidence and workplace preparedness.


The Programme typically includes the following 4 elements:

  1. Exploration of the needs of the Cohort to establish which areas of the syllabus may need more focus for different groups.

  2. Series of three 90 -120-minute tailored interactive online group webinars and follow-up activities.

  3. Access to our online Learning Academy.

  4. Pre- and post-programme evaluation to assess learner development and achievement of programme aims.


Highlights of the feedback so far include: 100% agree/strongly agree that the programme increased their understanding of how to further sustainability through their work; 100% reported increased understanding of the skills needed to secure a role; and 100% reported increased confidence in looking and applying for jobs.  


We are keen to deliver this programme to young people in FE and HE and other youth organisations who share our values.

Get in touch to find out how we can work together.