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A photograph of a signpost in shadow against a pink and blue sky at dusk, used to represent the variety of options that a sustainable future allows us to have.


As we face the climate emergency, it's more urgent than ever that we act to place sustainability at the heart of every young person's future. We believe all young people should have access to sustainability learning – developing skills, building

confidence and identifying values so they can create their future, fit for the future.

Sustainable Futures is designed to help students in further education, higher education and recent graduates to understand sustainability in the context of the world today, develop skills for the future and build confidence as they make the transition from education into future-focused work.

“Green jobs will not be niche. We anticipate that sustainability and climate change will touch every career.”
Department for Education, UK Government, 2022

Sustainable Futures Programme Options

The full programme contains six hours of content, typically split over three 2-hour sessions, which can be delivered in-person or virtually to groups. We also have a range of additional workshops which can be added or swapped for any session.





Students who complete a Sustainable Futures programme will be provided with a certificate of participation for them to share on their CVs and/or Postgraduate Degree applications.


Sustainable Futures Intensive Programme

For those short of time, the Intensive programme covers the same topics above but in 3-hours of delivery. Though less detailed, we explore the same key concepts to provide participants with insight into sustainability and how to enter the workforce.


We also offer bespoke training please reach out to discuss your individual training needs.

Understanding the challenges and practical solutions to sustainability issues including the climate crisis.

Diving deeper into root causes of unsustainability, co-beneficial opportunities and systems change

Sustainability Awareness

Exploring how sustainability solutions relate to your future career or sector


Identifying the essential skills for sustainability and the 21st century workplace, and mapping our own

Skills for the Future

Mapping your own core values to guide your search for unique, meaningful, fulfilling work

Unlocking your career aspirations and identifying best practice to secure a sustainability role based on your skills and attributes

Finding Your Role

Student Portrait

What Students Say

"Students at the University of Leicester had the opportunity to attend a workshop with Change Agents to properly understand sustainability, skills for the future and how to engage with green careers. They were certainly reliable and adaptable, the process felt easy and the students were left in capable hands. Their approach was interactive, inspirational and informative and meant that our students were left with practical skills for how to engage with a Sustainable Future."
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