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Workshop Programme
Why is Sustainable Futures needed now?

We know that for all young people today, sustainability will need to become an intrinsic part of their future jobs and careers. Access to the education and skills that will help them to prepare for this future is often lacking, limited and hampered by inequality. We believe all young people should have access to this learning - developing skills and building confidence about their future. Sustainable Futures aims to address this need.

The course is also about helping them to communicate their story, what motivates them, what skills and experiences they have and why they are relevant. Whether the next steps are in education or the world of work, the ideas and techniques we cover in these three sessions can help them achieve their goals.

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"Receiving the support and delivery on our sustainability journey with our students has been invaluable... Having the opportunity to work with Change Agents UK and the provision of their expertise has made a real difference to our staff and the students involved in the Sustainable Futures programme."


—  Director of Student Experience, UK FE college

Sustainable Futures course overview

The programme is delivered via 3 interactive workshop sessions. It begins with an introduction to sustainability, explaining what it is, what’s happening in the world today and why social and environmental issues matter. We introduce different solutions, key concepts such as circular economies and frameworks such as the Sustainable Development Goals, to help participants understand solutions-focused thinking.

We make this learning accessible, interactive and engaging and we meet learners “where they are”, tailoring our work and delivery to suit the needs of the group we are with. We explore sustainability in the workplace, giving participants a chance to discuss how they can make positive change in many different sectors and types of work and how to go about this. Through interactive tasks, participants also explore personal sustainability – mapping their own core values to help them to identify work opportunities that align with their own personal ethics.

We then investigate the skills needed for a sustainable future, unpicking key qualities such as creativity and systems thinking and engaging participants in fun, stimulating exercises. We draw on our Skills for the Future research to discuss key skills for the workplace and how to develop them.

An important part of this programme is to build confidence as well as to develop knowledge; we help to demystify process of moving from education into work with in-depth advice on job applications, interview processes and communicating their unique story to future employers. Participants leave with insight into their own values, inspired to bring sustainability goals into their future careers, equipped with the skills to do so and armed with sound employment advice to help them secure a fulfilling role.

Highlights of the feedback so far include: 91% of participants have an improved understanding of how they can benefit sustainability through their work; 84% have a greater understanding of the skills and experience needed to secure a role; and 81% feel more confident about applying for jobs.


We can provide a tailored Sustainable Futures programme for young people in Further Education, Higher Education and graduates.


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