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Sustainable Futures - Workshop Programme

A bespoke series of online interactive workshops, expert advice and learning resources, proactively supporting students and graduates to navigate the sustainability sector and embark on a positive impact career

We know that millions of students and graduates across the UK this year will be finding it hard to understand how best to gain experience or enter their career in sustainability when gaining face to face experience or meeting people and networking is off the cards in the way they might have expected. 


With nearly 25 years of experience in supporting young people and recent graduates in navigating and building their positive impact careers, we are in a position to help!


We have created a package of remote workshops, access to our academy and supported learning opportunities for graduates and young people looking to understand how they can create a career in sustainability.  


Across 3 interactive workshops, we cover:

  • what the sustainability sector looks and feels like and what trends we might see emerging

  • what different organisations and roles are available within it 

  • how participants values and networks can be used to shape their careers in this sector

  • the skills and experiences employers are looking for in people entering the sector

  • and how participants can shape their CV's and applications for maximum impact

We are also providing them unique access to our online Learning Academy of career development and professional skills courses, and giving them feedback and support through our team of experienced team of educators and recruitment specialists. 


Feedback has been great, with one attendee stating the programme "broadened my knowledge on the variety of fields in which sustainability plays a role", and another saying they "didn't realise how many sustainability roles there were outside of the green sector".


We know that there are thousands of others out there who may benefit from this approach, so get in touch to devise a programme with us, bespoke to your needs.

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