The Kickstart Scheme

Change Agents UK are helping employers access the Government’s Kickstart Scheme. We are keen to work with employers in all sectors who have an interest in sustainability and/or carbon reduction.

Young people can find out more about the Kickstart Scheme at the jobhelp site.


"Whatever it is you’re doing, don’t try and go it alone." We are always looking to connect with other organisations who share our values and goals. It's so important to share skills & expertise with each other and share the load to successfully create positive change. Take a look at who we currently partner with and get in touch to discuss how we can make an impact together!

Graduate Skills for Sustainability

This scoping study, by Change Agents UK and the EAUC, examines perspectives from three key stakeholder groups: university leaders, business leaders, and recent graduates. It interrogates their opinions on what ‘sustainability skills’ are, which skills are important for employability and/or sustainability, and how they could be best instilled in students and young people.

The CAUK Academy

The Academy is an online platform to help our Change Agents create positive change through online courses - develop professional skills, knowledge and experience.




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