Sustainable Futures Workshops

For all young people today, sustainability will need to become an intrinsic part of their future jobs and careers. Access to the education and skills that will help them to prepare for this future is often limited and hampered by inequality, and colleges and universities are constrained by the demands of exams and curricula, with limited staff resources.

If, like us, you believe all young people should have access to sustainability learning – developing skills and building confidence for their future, then its time for us to deliver Sustainable Futures in your organisation!

Sustainability Recruitment & Employment

Do you have an ambitious sustainability agenda and want to make real progress on your net zero targets but need bigger teams or vacancies filled? Do you have a project budget but can't easily increase your staff headcount?

We have practical solutions for all of these challenges and extensive experience of working across many different sectors. Our network of ambitious and conscientious sustainability graduates, experienced career changers and young people are all looking for new and exciting roles in sustainability, to use their careers to do good, and strive to bring about real change.

Skills Development Programme

For over 25 years, we have been supporting and empowering the next generation to have the skills and knowledge needed for the future - we have supported hundreds of organisations and young people on this journey. It is more now more crucial than ever as we address the challenging targets for net zero and sustainable development.

​If you are a forward-looking employer of graduates or young people and are keen to ensure your teams have access to high-quality and excellent-value skills training, talk to us.


"Whatever it is you’re doing, don’t try and go it alone." We are always looking to connect with other organisations who share our values and goals. It's so important to share skills & expertise with each other and share the load to successfully create positive change. Take a look at who we currently partner with and get in touch to discuss how we can make an impact together!




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