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Sustainability Leadership 18-25 Access Scheme 

Are you aged between 18 and 25 years old? Do you want to become a leader in sustainable change? Do you want to meet passionate, like-minded people on an innovative skills-development journey? Then join our unique, 12-part skills-building programme to develop your knowledge, skills and confidence as a sustainability leader and professional. 

We are pleased to offer a new Access Scheme to 25 individuals that aims to widen access to sustainability training by removing financial barriers through a heavily discounted price (up to 95%!) on a 'Pay What You Can' price structure.  

Sustainability Future Leaders Programme

What is the Sustainability Leadership Access Scheme?

The Sustainability Leadership Skills Programme is our signature course. Supporting and developing early careerists and students by providing vital skills for the workplace. The session course features modules in communication and presenting, project management and systems thinking. 

Our mission is to support and empower the next generation to have the skills and knowledge needed for the future. This new scheme aims to fulfil part of this mission by heavily discounting (up to 95% discount) the cost of our Sustainability Leadership Skills Programme for young people, and providing a range of tiered prices on a 'Pay What You Can' basis. 

The twelve sessions will run on consecutive weeks at a regular time via Zoom. The dates for the sessions are as follows:

  • Career Development & Reflective Practice: Thursday 7th September, 10am – 11am

  • Workplace Literacy & Wellbeing: Monday 11th September, 10am – 11am

  • Project Management 1: Thursday 21st September, 10am – 11am

  • Project Management 2: Wednesday 27th September, 1pm – 2pm

  • Climate Anxiety & Resilience: Wednesday 4th October, 1pm – 2pm

  • Creativity & Problem Solving: Wednesday 11th October, 1pm – 2pm

  • Systems Thinking & Circular Economy: Wednesday 18th October, 1pm – 2pm

  • Greenwashing: Wednesday 25th October, 1pm – 2pm

  • Communication & Presentation Skills: Wednesday 1st November, 1pm – 2pm

  • Communicating Sustainability: Wednesday 8th November, 1pm – 2pm

  • Sustainability Trends & Becoming A Change Agent: Wednesday 15th November, 1pm – 2pm

  • Sustainability Leadership: Wednesday 22nd November, 1pm – 2pm

There will be additional, optional networking events offered throughout the period.

To achieve certification, you will need to attend all live sessions and engage actively. Due to the highly interactive nature of the sessions, recordings will not be available. If you are unable to attend a number of the above dates, we recommend waiting for a future cycle. 

Eligibility and Application

To be eligible for this Scheme you must:  

  1. Be aged between 18 and 25 years old (inclusive).  

  2. Not have access to funding for this scheme from an employer or place of study* 

* This Access Scheme is aimed at reaching those who otherwise would not have the funding to join this Programme. It does not apply to organisations who are funding employees or students. If you are a university student or currently working in a sector related to sustainability, please ask your organisation first whether they can fund you to take part in the SLS Programme and contact us separately to discuss full price payment.  

There are 25 places on the Access Scheme for the next Sustainability Leadership Skills Programme cycle which will run from September to November 2023.

To apply please click the button below, this will take you to a form. Applications will close on Sunday 27th August 2023 at 23:59. You will hear back by 1st September 2023. 

How does 'Pay What You Can' Work? 

We believe that opportunities should be available for everyone, and that no one should be excluded because of their financial circumstances, so are offering a range of prices to try to suit all budgets. This model removes financial barriers, and gives those who can afford it the opportunity to support others who can’t.


Our price for this scheme ranges from £30 - £250, and represents up to 95% discount off our standard pricing. As a charity, we rely on donations and funding to offer these schemes. This offer is trust-based and aims to foster a community that supports each other: if you can afford a higher price, please do choose that option to help continue this scheme and welcome other young people who would otherwise not have the opportunity to access this training.


If all tiers represent a significant barrier to you, please do contact us directly with some detail as to your circumstances and we can confidentially discuss further options on a case-by-case basis. 

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