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What is sustainability and what are the SDGs? What does Net Zero mean? What does climate change have to do with equity? And most importantly, how can we address these challenges together and take effective action?

Join our interactive 'crash course' workshop to find out!

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Climate Essentials Course Overview

In addition to the above the full extended course will offer the chance to:

  • Find out how the climate is changing and the social, economic and environmental impacts of this

  • Explore how to maximise intersectional and co-beneficial solutions

  • Develop and practice systems thinking to address global challenges

  • Identify key sustainability skills and map our own to help shape our sustainability journey

Who's the Course for?

This training is suitable for anyone interested in sustainability and climate, from all sectors and backgrounds. It provides an understanding of sustainability, climate, and solutions to apply in your professional and personal life.

Book the 2hr Course

Book the Full Course

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Book the 2hr Course

Book the Full Course

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