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“Green jobs will not be niche. We anticipate that sustainability and climate change will touch every career.”

Department for Education, UK Government (2022)

Green Careers & The Future of Work

The green transition is happening. It will touch every organisation and every job role!


This training gives careers teams the knowledge needed to understand the changing nature of work. You'll leave with an insight into the new career opportunities that are available as the world becomes more sustainability focussed and transitions to net zero.

Green Roofs


Overview of the Climate Crisis & Sustainability

o Our current position and how we have got here

o How climate and sustainability links to different sectors and roles

o Does ‘business as usual’ need to change?


Future of work in the Green Transition

o Key impacts of the green transition on jobs

o The green sector & “all jobs are green jobs”

o Finding a green career

o Corporate sustainability & identifying sustainable organisations


Sustainability skills & student journey

o The core sustainability competencies wanted by employers

o How we can help students to develop these skills within our offers

o How we can best support students to enter green jobs and thrive in the green transition

“When it came to helping our students to understand how to prepare themselves for a career in sustainability, Change Agents’ presentation was awe-inspiring.   Not only did they provide a lot of factual information, they delivered it in an interactive and engaging way, which made it easy to absorb. The structure was clear, motivational and effective. They had obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into the content of the presentation, and because of this our students have taken away a very key message - ‘sustainability starts where you are'.”  

Course Options:

This is a highly interactive training with plenty of guided discussion and activities to apply the material to your context and students. We can host it in-person or online with two options:

  • A three-hour workshop suitable for those who are time-scarce and/or already have some understanding of climate and sustainability topics

  • An extended full-day workshop, which is recommended for those at the start of their sustainability journey who may wanting or needing a more thorough overview of the green transition and sustainability skills.

Still not quite right? Let's discuss a bespoke option based on your training needs and preferences.

Support your Students and Jobseekers

Join the green revolution today. Book a course and get the knowledge you need to support students and jobseekers find green careers. 

Want Green Careers training for your students?

Our Sustainable Futures Programme is the student equivalent of our Green Careers & Future of Work training. We provide an overview of climate change and sustainability. Students engage in interactive activities to develop sustainability skills and help them find their perfect purpose-driven role. 

Our flagship Sustainability Leadership Skills Programme (SLSP) is a 10-part training covering core sustainability & employability skills including systems thinking; communicating sustainability; sustainability leadership; and resilience. Over our three key impact areas (Growth & Development; Mindset for Change; Engagement & Impact), we help participants to develop these skills and recognise how they, in whatever career they enter, can become sustainability leaders. 

Want something else? We work with many education settings to create bespoke courses suitable to their students needs and availability, including shorter sessions as part of Green Careers Weeks or personalized delivery options. All our training can be delivered in-person or online and we are happy to discuss any ideas you have – just get in touch!

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