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A view over a beautiful green valley with rocky sections and a rising sun, there is a winding road heading itto the bright sun representing the journey and opportunity that Green Careers offer


Green Careers & The Future of Work


Our workshop session is designed to help careers teams and professionals (and others who guide and support students) to understand the changing nature of work and the new career opportunities that the shift towards sustainability and the transition to net zero will bring 

Green Careers & The Future of Work

Interactive workshop (half-day or full-day options available)
Core syllabus

  • What is sustainability?

    • The Sustainable Development Agenda & Net Zero

    • Circular economy

    • Legislation

  • Future of work

    • Impact of Sustainability trends on the world of work

    • Green careers

    • Sustainable employers

    • Finding a green career

  • Sustainability skills

    • Core sustainability competencies

    • Which skills do employers need and expect?

  • In the workplace

    • Corporate sustainability

    • Greening the workplace

    • Identifying a green employer - Accreditations

    • Sustainability from any chair

  • Sphere of influence and h​ow to create impact

“When it came to helping our students to understand how to prepare themselves for a career in sustainability, Change Agents’ presentation was awe-inspiring.   Not only did they provide a lot of factual information, they delivered it in an interactive and engaging way, which made it easy to absorb. The structure was clear, motivational and effective. They had obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into the content of the presentation, and because of this our students have taken away a very key message - ‘sustainability starts where you are'.”  

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