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Climate Fresk Cards

Climate Fresk

Do you want to understand how climate change is actually happening, and network, or strengthen your team through an interactive, engaging workshop? Would you like to start creating solutions to create impact in your organisation? Then join our experienced Education Officers for Climate Fresk.

Climate science is complicated. To create effective solutions, we need to understand the causes and current situation. Climate Fresk is a globally acclaimed climate awareness workshop to take you through that journey. In this highly interactive 3-hour session, you will understand the cause-and-effect behind climate change, then have creative and idea-making space to explore your emotions and, importantly, solutions!

A Three Part Workshop

Play the Cards

There are no lectures in Fresk: instead, you will gain knowledge of climate change by building the full story through a set of Fresk cards. Whether you have a Masters degree or have never heard of greenhouse gases, everyone becomes a collaborative member of the team.

Debrief & Creativity

Time to reflect on the climate story you’ve uncovered, using creativity and guided discussion. This allows the information to settle in a way that makes sense to you, and gives space to connect with any emotions that may arise, supported by the team and ready for stage 3.

Creating Solutions

At this point, you understand the extent and causes of the problem, and you’ve explored the topic with peers, so now you are set up for creating solutions. Here, we’ll highlight areas of effective action within your context, to see what you can do after the workshop to make an impact.

Host a Workshop for your Team

We recommend hosting this workshop within an organisation so together you can step up to create climate action, though all formats are welcome. We’ll work with you to cater the session to suit your team’s context, existing knowledge and aims so you can springboard from this workshop to maximise impact and solutions.

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