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We undertake research; resource and deliver sustainability projects independently and in partnership with others.
​As an outward-looking we are always keen to form partnerships with organisations who share our aims and vision. 
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Sustainable Futures

A bespoke series of online interactive workshops, expert advice and learning resources, proactively supporting students and graduates to navigate the sustainability sector and embark on a positive impact career.

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Insights from our team and guest writers exploring and researching ways of facilitating and supporting sustainable change.

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Graduate Skills For Sustainability

A gap has been identified between the skills of graduates and the existing workforce, and the needs of the sustainability sector. This impacts the employability of new graduates looking for ‘green’ jobs, but also poses a barrier to the economic and industrial shift towards sustainability and the proposed low-carbon economy of the UK.

Change Agents UK is undertaking research into this graduate skills gap in association with NUS and the EAUC, to establish the scope and scale of the problem. This research will define what ‘sustainability skills’ are in demand, and identify how businesses and higher education institutions could co-operate to meet the training requirements to pursue the ‘greening’ of the UK economy.

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UKSSD report ‘Measuring up’ shows how the UK is performing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the first time. And while there’s an enormous amount to celebrate, the most vulnerable people and places in our society are increasingly being left behind.

Measuring up is the most comprehensive review of the current situation in the UK conducted to date. It tells us what is happening in the UK for people, the environment and the economy.

Circular Economy

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Our most recent partnership project, we look beyond the current take-make-waste business models, hoping to shift organisations thinking towards that of a circular economy. With our partners we aim to redefine growth, focusing on system-wide benefits.

We understand that shifting processes and thinking doesn't happen overnight. We need to gradually decouple economic activity from simply the hyper-consumption of finite resources, designing waste out of the system, seeking to instil a circular model that builds social, natural and economic capital.

​Our project aims to...
- Design out waste and pollution
- Keep products and materials in use
- Regenerate natural systems


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Change Agents UK have supported the NUS' Green Impact programme since it was first developed in 2009.

Green Impact is an environmental accreditation and awards scheme, bringing staff and students together with their wider communities to enable and showcase positive changes in environmental practice.

Working in hundreds of organisations across the world, the award winning behaviour change programme empowers people to make meaningful change on sustainability, whether they’re starting from scratch, or think they have nothing left to do.

Green Impact goes way beyond the narrow, purely environmental definition of sustainability, helping to embed sustainability into the curriculum, enhance the social fabric of institutions and improve the health and wellbeing of staff.

Waste Less Save More

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Partnering with South Derbyshire District Council to resource the delivery of Sainsbury’s ‘Waste less, Save more’ campaign, recruiting a team of Food-Saver Champions.

Having secured a £1 million investment from Sainsbury’s under its ‘Waste less, Save more’ initiative the year-long journey sought to test some of the most innovative ideas and technology available. The campaign aimed to reduce food waste in the area by 50%, cutting average household food bills by £350.

Our Change Agents engaged with residents about food waste, and also gave advice on how to make full use of the South Derbyshire District Council’s recycling and composting services.

Dudley WHO

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Our Change Agent working in conjunction with Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council sought to tackle Fuel Poverty.

Within England, fuel poverty is most prevalent in the West Midlands. The aim of this project, to reach the most impoverished people in the Dudley area and to deliver extensive Winter Warmth visits.

The measures taken in each visit varied from case to case, with the overarching target being to reduce the households spend on energy.

Three months into the four month project, 574 households visits were conducted driving total actual annual savings to £38,750.

Future Cities Glasgow

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The future is not about flying cars or robot butlers... at least, not yet. Right now, it’s about enhancing our everyday experiences with the cities we live in; from smart lighting to optimised bin collection and better jobs. The future is a changing world.

We partnered with the Future Cities Glasgow project to collate a team of Ambassadors and Coordinators, working to make the Future City a reality. Our dedicated Change Agents sought to drive the Open Engagement Programme; raising awareness and facilitating both skills and knowledge transfer, allowing local people to be an active part of the solution.

Energy Action

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Energy Action, a partnership led by Change Agents UK, delivered with significant cooperation from partners such as Rutland County Council, Voluntary Action Rutland, Citizens Advice Bureau, Age UK and Spire Homes.

Following our successful Fuel Poverty projects in Rutland, Leicestershire and Cambridgeshire, we also teamed up with National Energy Action to offer programmes that enabled councils to bring in short-term support allowing fuel poverty action of the ground. The EA4R model has now been rolled out to 23 Local Authorities across the UK with the help of Warm Homes, Healthy People funding.