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Climate Action Toolkit for Higher Education Sector

Climate Commission launch Climate Action Toolkit to help Vice-Chancellors, Governors and Senior Leadership Teams in universities in tackling the climate emergency

The Climate Commission, a unique partnership between Association of Colleges, EAUC - The Alliance for Sustainability Leadership in Education, GuildHE and Universities UK, is coordinating action across the further and higher education sector to produce a clear, consistent and cohesive response to the climate emergency ahead of COP26.

The recently launched Higher Education Climate Action Toolkit identifies HE-specific critical elements Vice-Chancellors and Governors should consider in order to advance sustainability and respond to the climate crisis.

The critical elements identified in the toolkit will support universities to:

  • Prepare staff and students to cope, thrive and move responsibly in a changing world, for example equip students with employable skills

  • Protect biodiversity

  • Work toward climate and social justice

  • Lower and eliminate scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions

Find out more about the toolkit at

Cover Photo by Serhii Danevych on Unsplash


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