Climate Assembly UK: Talking about the whether...

The UK is legally committed to net zero emissions by 2050. This target was put forward by the Government’s statutory advisor, the Committee on Climate Change, for delivering on the UK’s commitments to the Paris Agreement.

The measures are a continued response to the extensive reports, evidence and lived realities which attest to current, worsening trajectories away from a sustainable, equitable and thriving world.

If taken seriously – and it must be – ‘Net-Zero by 2050’ has huge impacts on government discourse and policymaking; industry regulations; energy provision; transport systems; the clothes we wear; the food we buy; the physical ‘lay of the land’ around us; and more.

Let us make no mistakes here: we must progress beyond any lingering notions that these targets can be hit without real effort or resolved by ‘someone else’. To change our national emissions for the better is to change the air we breathe. It requires redefinitions of our ways of living, thinking, acting and relating with the world.