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Lexie Jones

Chief Executive Officer

I joined Change Agents UK in 2018 because the history, values and potential of the organisation were so compelling! Enabling graduates and young people to learn about sustainable development, develop skills for the future and forge careers that make a positive difference. Supporting organisations to make sustainable change actually happen. Building strategies with our partners and then delivering them. Changing the agenda from short-termism to sustainability. Supporting the embedding of the Sustainable Development Goals; making sustainability mainstream, necessary and positive. This is the future in every sense.

My background and first career was in financial services. I have a BSc in Management Sciences from Warwick. I worked extensively in project and change management, working on IPOs, organisational integrations, compliance projects and large technology programmes, leading teams and departments. These skills and experience transferred to my work in the third sector help me now to lead a strong and purposeful organisation. I enjoy delivering positive change that makes things better and I love supporting and developing people and enabling them to realise their full potential.

My role here as Chief Exec at Change Agents UK is an exciting one. I lead a dedicated, resourceful and talented team as we deliver education and learning, recruit and support our "Change Agents", deliver projects and behaviour change programmes and support organisations who want to do more in their sustainability journey. We used to talk about the "sustainability sector"; we want to move on from that. Sustainability should be part of everyone's role and at the heart of strategies and growth. As Marshall McLuhan famously put it: "There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew."

Our work is now more critical than ever; we know the hour is late but we know there is hope and that the time to act is now. The actions we all take in the next decade will shape the future for millennia. If you want to know more or do more, we can help - call us!

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