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Multiple shades of green paint used vertically to create a piece of art


Find out what our successful grant recipients are up to!
Apples from the North Cambridge orchard


Sustainability Society at Anglia Ruskin University

THE PROJECT: With a focus on community, sustainability and education, the Sustainability Society aims to turn a currently bare plot of land into a small onsite orchard at a local secondary school.


"The trees will produce an abundance of seasonal fruit, as well as helping to facilitate young people’s learning about nature in their community. One tree can be home to a huge array of living organisms and can support its own mini-ecosystem. It is hoped that the orchard will become a key feature of the school, with students learning about sustainability as they take care of the trees."

LATEST UPDATES: Check out their most recent Blog Post or the society's Facebook Page

Pasta directly in a basket representing the grants for good recipient Oxford Hub


Oxford Hub at Oxford University

THE PROJECT: Tackling plastic waste - OxUnboxed aims to reduce the amount of waste generated when purchasing food and household products. Roll up with your reusable containers to one of their pop up shops and be greeted by the option to buy the amount you need (rice, grains, washing up liquid....) without the packaging.


"Our aim is to help and encourage students and local residents in Oxford reduce the waste that ends up in landfill and thereby fight the global issue of plastic pollution. We want to make it as cheap and easy as possible for people to reduce their waste."

LATEST UPDATES: Check out their Facebook Page or Instagram

Local to Oxford? See the Hub's website for pop up shop dates and locations

A bee on Lavender

IoO Garden

Institute of Opthamology at UCL

THE PROJECT:   Concrete Jungle to Urban Green  - progressing the creation of a small garden area out of some waste space and re-purposed laboratory equipment.

The IoO Garden provides space for staff and students and plenty of visiting wildlife including bees, butterflies, a wag tail, a pair of blue tits, squirrels, pigeons and snails. 


"The Institute has no green space and this area is an oasis in a sea of concrete!  By expanding and improving the space further, it will benefit the wellbeing of everybody within the IoO community. "



A Grants for Good recipient watering plants in a polytunnel


Green Thumbs Society at the University of Essex

THE PROJECT: A green thumbs up for the team at the University of Essex as they seek to build upon the success of their university allotment.  The allotment provides a space to enable students, staff and other community members to learn the how-to's of growing locally produced vegetables and plants. The addition of a polytunnel will extend the growing season and increase the variety that can be grown. 


"The construction of the polytunnel itself will provide our members with the opportunity to develop skills in sustainable living. In addition to this, it will allow us to extend our growing season and provide more crops that we will distribute to both our members and the wider university community."

LATEST UPDATES: Check out their Facebook

A pile of campbells soup cans


Student Led Volunteering Project at the University of Bristol

THE PROJECT: Reducing food waste and increasing community bonds. The UoB Foodbank team is encouraging students to make one-off donations or give purpose to their unwanted foodstuffs when the end of term rolls around. Achieving this with collection boxes in halls of residence and promoting their work within other university societies.


"The biggest success so far has been the interest of societies who are holding dinners and events and asking everyone who attends to bring an item to donate to the Foodbank. We have been astonished by the enthusiasm of staff and students who want to get involved with the Foodbank."

LATEST UPDATES: Check out their Facebook

Plants grown in colourfully painted tins with are attached to a fence

Make Your Sustainability Project A Reality?

Do you have a sustainability project that you want to deliver? If so, we want to support you! 

We are offering 10 Exceptional Projects the opportunity to gain Funding of £250 as part of Change Agents UK’s Grants for Good program. From supporting Zero Plastic projects to creating stunning Green Spaces our projects have brought positive change to many Universities and communities. 

Be creative and WOW us with your unique purpose and vision!


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