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Sustainability Recruitment & Employment Services
Bringing together individuals passionate about a career in sustainability with organisations in need of good people to deliver change.

Throughout our 25 year history in sustainability recruitment and employment, we have worked with hundreds of organisations to make their sustainability plans a reality and created fantastic opportunities for thousands of people who want to use their skills and careers to work for a positive, resilient future for all. We work with partners who are ethical and responsible, sharing our values and commitment to sustainability.

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We can provide tailored recruitment & employment services to organisations sharing our values and commitment to sustainability.


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What are the sustainability recruitment and employment needs of organisations and individuals?

With pressing and urgent targets for Net Zero and delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals, organisations need to act now to resource their plans and sustainability ambitions. They need Change Agents in their teams to deliver sustainability strategies, action plans and engagement. New and exciting roles in sustainability appeal to ambitious and conscientious individuals who want to use their careers to do good and strive to bring about real change.

We have a strong network of sustainability graduates, experienced career changers and young people passionate about combatting climate change. Many of our Change Agent alumni are now in senior roles in sustainability leadership.

Organisations come to us because they have ambitious sustainability agendas and want to make real progress on their net zero targets but they need bigger teams or vacancies filled. Often they have a project budget but can't easily increase their staff headcount. We have practical solutions for all of these challenges.

These are the reasons we set up our Sustainability Employment Business, to bring together individuals passionate about a career in sustainability with organisations in need of good people to deliver change. Change Agents UK Trading Ltd is a wholly-owned non-profit employment business subsidiary of the Charity, and all proceeds are gift-aided to support the Charity's work in education for sustainability and helping young people to develop skills for the future.

How do we help?

We provide sustainability recruitment and employment services for organisations to help them to find the right people to develop and  deliver their sustainability strategies and action plans. We have extensive experience of working across many different sectors.

We also believe that everyone should have access to sustainability learning – developing skills and building confidence for their future. That's why we provide a 12 month Skills Development Programme for Change Agents we recruit. Through interactive workshops, our Learning Academy and personalised support from our experienced team, our comprehensive and future-focused professional development programme equips our Change Agents for success.

Recruitment Services

We provide comprehensive help with recruitment for our partners and clients to meet their specific needs. We help clients to create a clear, inclusive and appealing job description and we advertise across our network, sustainability jobs boards, Ethical Jobseeker, over 100 university careers sites and social media channels. We receive applications and undertake thorough shortlisting to assess CVs against the defined skills required for the role, following up with telephone interviews to further refine the final interview shortlist. We can facilitate final interviews, appear as an interview panel member and offer our experience to help the client select the best person for the role. We always offer feedback and support to all candidates to ensure it is a positive learning experience for everyone.

Employment Services

We understand that sometimes organisations have a sustainability budget but struggle to deliver because they are unable to increase their team headcount or make direct hires; we help with this by providing full employment services to enable them to resource these projects. Change Agents UK works as an employment business to employ ‘Change Agents’ who undertake placements or assignments with our clients, typically for 6 - 18 months. The Change Agent is employed by us for the duration of the placement and the host organisation provides a local line manager and funding for the placement, often with a view to it becoming a permanent role when the placement ends. We have enabled many successful projects for our partners and clients using this approach - and launched many sustainability careers!

We are Corporate Members of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and we manage employment contracts and payroll, including pension auto enrolment, holiday entitlement and expenses, whilst the host organisation remains responsible for the day–to-day management of the Change Agent. We will maintain regular contact with the Change Agent employee and local line manager during placements.

Information on Employment Terms

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“Change Agents UK helped us to connect with applicants who share our passion for building a more sustainable future. We found the right person for our position just one month after reaching out to their team. Working with Change Agents massively simplified and streamlined the recruitment process for us, and I thoroughly recommend their services to other employers.”

—  Programme Manager, Alupro


Sustainability Recruitment & Employment Services Menu

Job Descriptions & Role Profile Definition

  • Creating job descriptions for new roles - we work with you to define the key responsibilities, tasks and person specification

  • Existing job descriptions - we can help you to improve the clarity, structure, inclusivity and appeal of the job description

Recruitment Package

  • Job description

    • Job description creation

    • Job description refinement

  • Advertising across our network, jobs boards, 100+ university careers sites and social media channels

  • Shortlisting 

  • Telephone Interviews

  • Final Interview

  • Sustainability Skills 12-month Development Programme for the Change Agent

Recruitment & Employment Package

  • Recruitment Package as above

  • Change Agents UK provide full employment services including contracts and payroll for the successful candidate for the duration of the placement

  • Sustainability Development Programme for the Change Agent in placement.

Skills Development Programme

If you are a forward-looking employer of graduates or young people and are keen to ensure your teams have access to high-quality and excellent-value skills training, talk to us. For over 25 years, we have been supporting and empowering the next generation to have the skills and knowledge needed for the future - we have supported hundreds of organisations and young people on this journey. It is more now more crucial than ever as we address the challenging targets for net zero and sustainable development.
Through our interactive skills workshops, reflective learning journal and remote Learning Academy, we offer a comprehensive skills development programme to suit entry and graduate level positions in your organisation. 

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