Change Agents UK seek to support the creation of meaningful and well-supported paid work placements in sustainability as part of our mission to raise public awareness of sustainable development and provide education and learning opportunities.


We support partner organisations who wish to create and offer placements and roles in sustainability through Change Agents Trading Ltd, a wholly owned non-profit subsidiary of our Charity which gift aids any profits generated to support the Charity’s work in sustainability learning and education, research and providing micro-grants for youth sustainability projects. Sometimes placements are directly employed by the partner organisation and we provide assistance with developing role profiles, receiving applications, shortlisting, facilitating interviews and offering sustainability and skills training.  For other placements, the individual is employed and paid by us for an agreed period whilst they undertake a placement with a partner organisation who provide a local line manager and funding for the placement, often with a view to it becoming a permanent role when the placement ends. We only work with partners who are ethical and responsible and share our values and commitment to sustainability. Get in touch to find out more about our work in this area.


We invite candidates to apply by sharing your role with our extensive network of sustainability enthusiasts, posting it on our website, social media, external jobs boards and University career sites. 


We read and score each application against the person specification listed in the job description. The 15-20 top scoring candidates are then invited through to a telephone interview.

Telephone Interviews

These 30 minute conversations give us a more holistic view of each candidate beyond what is written on their CV. We can then be confident of the final shortlist put forward to you for interview. 


We invite up to 6 candidates through to an interview. These take place with the host organisation and, when possible, in the location in which the placement will be based - although remote options are always possible. We support host organisations with interview packs and facilitate the interview day to help partners to identify the best person for the placement.

Members of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, we manage employment contracts and payroll, including pension auto enrolment, holiday entitlement and expenses, whilst the host organisation remains responsible for the day–to-day management of the Change Agent. We will maintain regular contact with the Change Agent employee and local line manager during placements.

We do not charge a retainer or finder’s fee should you wish retain the person or employ them directly at the end of the placement - in fact we encourage it and hope that many more opportunities in sustainability can be created!

Information on Employment Terms


Talk to us about your sustainability project and research ideas and we'll see how we can help

Sustainable Futures
Sustainable Futures
Graduate Skills For Sustainability
Graduate Skills For Sustainability


We are keen to work with employers from all sectors who have an interest in sustainability and/or carbon reduction in their businesses.

With over 20 years' experience in developing roles and supporting cohorts of young people, we are perfectly placed to help employers and young people to get the most from this scheme.

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In partnership with SOS-UK and supported by the EAUC, we are pleased to offer a bespoke Kickstart scheme package for colleges and universities. Change Agents UK and SOS-UK have been working together with the HE/FE sector for over 10 years, delivering sustainable change and creating work placements and opportunities for young people