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When Change Agents UK are working as an employment business on behalf of a host organisation for the provision of a sustainability placement, it is noted at end of the Job description as Employer: Change Agents UK (on behalf of/placement at [host organisation]). The key terms for each placement will be found in the placement/job description and Placement Information Sheet. A Key Information Document and written contract are also provided by us.


A summary of the information is included here:


You will be employed by Change Agents UK under a contract for services for the duration of the placement. The placement/contract length is indicated on the job/placement description and the specific start and finish dates are shown on the Placement Information Sheet once these have been agreed. Placement descriptions will sometimes state “possibility of extension or permanent contract.” If the host organisation wishes to extend your placement or offer you a permanent role at the end of your placement, these offers will be made to you before the end of your agreed placement term and it is up to you whether you wish to accept.


You will be paid for work undertaken on your placement regardless of whether we have received payment from the host organisation.


The probationary period is usually 1 month and is listed in the Job description/Placement Information Sheet.


Your salary/rate of pay is listed in the Job description/Placement Information Sheet - rates of pay will always be at least the Real Living Wage.

For complete months, you will be paid one twelfth of the annual gross salary listed in the Job Description and for part months, according to the days/weeks worked that month. This will be paid in arrears on the 28th day of each month, unless agreed otherwise. If the 28th falls on a weekend you will be paid on the Friday prior to the 28th day of the month. This is covered in the employment contract.


Once your probation period has been completed, you will usually need to give and are entitled to a minimum of 1 month notice during your placement. This information can be found in the Placement Information Sheet.


Holiday allowance is listed in the Job Description and Placement Information Sheet but will always be at least the statutory minimum.

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