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The Benefits of Carbon Literacy Training for your Organisation

According to the UN, Climate Change is "the greatest threat to global security". That is one of the reasons for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) being created. It is one of our biggest driving forces behind our charity and the global news is that we need to do more in our efforts to tackle the climate crisis and halt the rapid change in global temperatures and climatic conditions. To be able to make a difference we need to work as a global team, to educate, communicate and develop new ways of working. This necessity has given rise to 'Carbon Literacy Training', and increasing number of organisations have already taken the training in order to educate staff and develop their own systems internally for reducing their carbon footprints and have a positive impact on the planet.

Carbon literacy is "an awareness of the carbon dioxide costs and impacts of everyday activities, and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis."

1. Foster a Culture of Sustainability

Offering your staff Carbon Literacy Training shows them that you are committed to learning more about your carbon footprint and about let's them know you are serious about sustainability. Sadly in a recent survey, 65% of staff thought that their companies were only interested in 'looking green'. Carbon Literacy training promotes an organisation culture that values the environment and is proactive in mitigating climate change. This sense of responsibility not only boosts your corporate image but also helps to foster a motivated and dedicated workforce, and one that understands that their actions can truly make a difference both locally and globally.

2. Drive Innovation

An understanding of carbon impacts can lead to innovation. Once your team understands their footprint and it's effects they can apply this knowledge to how they work, finding new lower impact solutions. During our course you are encouraged to work collaboratively to solve certain problems and come up with innovative and novel ideas. From streamlining operations for energy efficiency to implementing waste reduction initiatives, Carbon Literacy can inspire a wave of creativity that makes your organisation not just greener but more efficient and cost effective. The pledges the participants make at the end of the course as part of their certification act as a driving force, an accountability check and ensure that the learnings are carried forward to actionable items.

An illustration showing the benefits to an organisation of taking carbon carbon literacy training. The illustration shows a world which is still producing greenhouse gases but is also uses green energy and working efficiently. It shows that there is social and economic stability by working sustainably and that communication is key.

3. Increase Competitive Advantage

In todays environmentally aware market, sustainability and proving your credentials can be a significant differentiator. Consumers and businesses are becomingly increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of the products and services they are purchasing. By becoming fully accredited in carbon literacy (we can help a particular team, member of staff or your entire organisation gain carbon literacy certification - just ask the team) you can display the Carbon Literacy Project logo, showing your commitment to taking steps towards tackling climate change. You have real evidence to back up your sustainability goals. This can translate into a stronger brand image, increased customer loyalty and potentially a better bottom line.

4. Educating for the Future

Investing in Carbon Literacy Training isn't just an investment for your company today, it's an investment in the future. By equipping your team with this knowledge, you are helping spread awareness of climate change and empowering individuals to make changes in their personal and work lives that can lead to a more sustainable world.

Carbon Literacy is the Way Forward for Future Focussed Organisations.

Climate change isn't a tomorrow problem, we are already seeing it's effects each year. Weather is becoming more extreme, droughts are becoming more frequent and flooding is wiping out crops and habitats. It is an immediate challenge with we must address. But as we've shown here Carbon Literacy isn't just the right thing to do, it can also massively benefit your organisation, putting you at a competitive advantage and in the right position to reap the rewards of running a more sustainable business. Remember, every step counts, and your organisation has the potential to make a real difference.


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