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Courtney McGrath

Sustainability Engagement Officer

For a bit about me and my sustainability journey, I have to look back to 2019 when I went on a 3-month placement in Tanzania. There, I facilitated workshops and held community action days driven by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on all things human rights, sustainability, climate change and promoting equitable and inclusive education. After that trip I felt so passion-driven to go forward with an ethical career, where my work could create positive impact for both people and planet, I chose to study an BA in International Development with NGO Management. My fulfilment from this degree motivated me to go deeper and learn how I can help make more impactful change, so I continued on to an International Social Policy Masters degree. I am passionate about everyone's ability to contribute to achieving the SDGs and beyond, and so here I am - in my first professional role at Change Agents UK!

What I love about this role is how aligned CAUK is with my personal values - whether that's through sustainability, or equality, diversity and inclusion. But what I also love is the variety of work that it entails. One day I might be helping passionate individuals gain work experience in sustainability roles and helping organisations meet their sustainability goals, and the next facilitating workshops to share knowledge of how to become future change agents and sustainability leaders.

Outside of work, I am a really outdoorsy person, who loves hiking and exploring, painting, visiting the theatre, browsing book shops and finding all the best independent coffee shops (I love recommendations too if you have any!).

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