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Humber EcoFest and ASP Sustainability Events

ASP is inviting all Change Agents community members to participate in a series of FREE online sustainability events as part of the Humber Eco Fest.

ASP is a diverse, international community of practitioners: artists, consultants, business owners, academics, journalists, authors, coaches and facilitators of all ages from elders to young people. They exist to connect, challenge and support sustainability practitioners as we learn together how to move from unsustainable to sustainable practices. They create spaces for inter-generational learning events on a broad range of sustainability-related topics, and provide other opportunities for people to meet face-to-face and online.

Proudly supporting the inaugural Humber Eco Fest 2023, conceived and organised by Creative and Cultural, ASP have curated a range of events across the festival.

Each ASP event fits into one of the categories, designed to help you select the ones to meet your needs:

“Sunrise” Awakening – Raising Awareness about what is happening in the world

“High Noon” Peak energy – Positive Action to mitigate the impacts.

“Sunset” Resting – Supporting the practitioners to stay effective in the face of climate anxiety.

Raising Awareness

An online event which will explore ideas of participatory learning together. We’ll start by thinking about our own individual learning through drawing, writing and being creative.

A fun, participative workshop to understand the environmental impact of digital technologies. With Ash Goddard, Climate Clarity

Helena Kettleborough offers a transformative new approach to reimagining a world which respects and restores the natural systems on which life depends.

This workshop is a fun and quirky journey through the science of policy change – with pop culture references to really nerd out together. If you ever wanted to learn more about how policy change actually happens, this one is for you.

Positive action

Are you a small business owner that wants to be more sustainable but has no idea where to start? Do you want a simple introduction to business sustainability?

Richard Clarke will introduce the “TreeWilder Way” which shows how each of us can contribute to:

• Protecting at Risk Virgin Tropical Forests,

• Restoring Wild Forests to their Splendour,

• Inspirational carbon offsetting solutions and

• Peatland Restoration

Are you a small business owner that wants to be more sustainable but has no idea where to start? Do you want a simple introduction to business sustainability?

Greening Your Website – understand your website’s carbon footprint and the case for lessening its impact, with the eco and business benefits.’

If you own a website or are thinking of creating one, you should be mindful about its ecological and carbon footprint.

Cosmolocalism: the key to our economic transformation. Author and essayist Paddy Le Flufy will explain what cosmolocal networks are, use successful examples to show how they can foster collaborative development, and describe how this mode of organisation can be scaled and applied very widely to accelerate our transition to a better economic system.

Nathan synthesis of poetry, performance, lecture and video art to explore concepts drawn from philosophy, history, and physical sciences. He’s known for his online video content (under the name Nathanology), an online course called the Intro to Philosophy for Ecological Action, and his live performances in the NYC area, especially at Brooklyn’s House of Yes.

Supporting the practitioners

A facilitated discussion with Future Self Now Coach and ASP Director Theresa Sansome and leadership facilitator Debbie Warrener where we will be asking questions like:

What is thriving? How do we start telling a different story and engage with Nature’s way around abundance and the natural pull towards thriving?

With an avalanche of bad news facing us every day, how can we make sense of and better cope with fragility, mortality and ecological grief?

What are the skills and practices we can develop or hone to sustain and support ourselves and others in an age characterized by loss?

Isabelle Drury, writer and dreamer, explores the pressures younger people are placed under to save the world, and the guidance that is needed from elders to help all generations weave this new world, together. Can we find ways to collaborate to tackle the challenges we face? How can we stay resilient and effective?

We invite you to consider how you intentionally build your personal and communal resilience as you live – and lead in – your life and reflect on what it is supported by.


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